The Journal of Rural
Emergency Management

Guide For Authors


Article files should be provided in Microsoft Word format. PDF is not acceptable as the only file type; PDF files must be accompanied by a Microsoft Word file.

Article Title

A title of not more than ten words should be provided.

Author Details

All contributing authors’ names should be provided on a separate page from the article. The names should be arranged in the correct order for publication. The following should be provided:

  • The full name of each author, in the exact format they should appear for publication;
  • The affiliation of each author should be provided, based upon their affiliation at the time the paper was written;
  • Correct email addresses should be supplied for each author.


All submissions, except short reviews, must have an abstract addressing the following:

  • Practical implications for rural practitioners (mandatory)
  • Social implications (if applicable)
  • Policy implications (if applicable)
  • Design/methodology/approach (if a research article)
  • Findings (if a research article)
  • Research limitations/implications (if a research article)
  • Keywords (mandatory, no more than ten)

Article Types

Research Paper

This type covers papers which report on any type of research undertaken by the author(s). The research may involve the construction of a model or theory; action research; testing of data; empirical, scientific, or clinical research.

Case Study

This type covers papers describing actual experiences within organizations. They may be subjective rather than objective. A legal case or hypothetical case study as a teaching example fit this category.

Best Practice

This type covers methods or techniques which, after adoption, produce results that are superior to results achieved by other means. This includes practices which may be used by other organizations as benchmarks.

Student Paper

This type covers papers written as an undergraduate or graduate student.


This type may be short, providing an annotated bibliography and source information for articles, documents, books, and other media useful to rural practitioners. Longer articles may review technologies which have been successfully adopted and should be considered by rural practitioners.

Research Funding

All sources of external research funding should be declared in the article.